Dean Lambert

The initial focal point of most bands is the singer and Dean Lambert provides one of the most dynamic and commanding voices in the Southeast. One of the first things that grabs your attention about Broken Yesterday’s sound is the vocals. Dean blends both a bluesy feel and power-house range to drive the melodies that are a trademark of the BY sound. Dean became interested in singing at the ripe old age of 18 when he heard Michael English’s version of “In Christ Alone”. English’s voice seemed to wake up the voice inside of Dean and made him realize that this was something that he wanted to pursue. He began honing his talent singing in his father’s praise band at church and it didn’t take long before people began to realize what a gift Dean possessed. Dean began to listen to the likes of Billy Goodwin (NewSong) and Michael Bolton and became heavily influenced by the singers, especially Bolton, which is very evident in Dean’s own singing style. As Dean continued to develop his craft, he eventually crossed paths with Scott, Wade and Brian who were all playing in 491 at the time. It was inevitable that the four would eventually work together. Chemistry was evident from the first day as all four became fast friends. Years later when the Broken Yesterday project began to form, only one vocalist seemed the logical choice….Dean Lambert. And as Dean himself said upon hearing the early Broken Yesterday demos, “I’ve got to sing these songs”. And sing them he does….like no one else possibly can.

Brian Rhodes

Brian Rhodes, a native of San Diego, CA, is one half of the dual guitar attack that makes Broken Yesterday’s sound so unique. Along with contributing rhythm and lead duties on guitar, Brian is also one of the principal song writers for the band. Drawing on early influences like Stevie Ray Vaughan, Brian has developed an “old school” bluesy style of playing that brings a flare to his playing and songwriting that is purely infectious. Brian began playing with fellow BY band mates Scott and Wade Fryer back in 1999 in the Christian rock powerhouse 491. The trio have been playing together in one band or another ever since. This nucleus of chemistry is what spawned the birth of Broken Yesterday. With years of stage experience Brian brings a passion and intensity to the live performance that draws you in and takes you on an exhilarating ride. Blistering solos and a heart for God are the cornerstones that set Brian apart from most other players.

Jason Peterson

Jason “JP” Peterson is a native of Kearney, NE and came to SC when his band at the time, Apogee, decided to re-locate to the east. JP came up in the 80’s and was heavily influenced by the 80’s heavy metal scene. Guitar heroes like Randy Rhoads caught JP’s ear and gave him a strong desire to pick up the instrument and learn this new style of guitar playing. As the 90’s music scene began to evolve, so did JP’s taste in music. A heavier form of metal began to emerge and JP got hooked early on. Bands like Pantera and Korn began to stretch the boundaries of conventional guitar playing and JP began to gravitate to the new sound. It’s this new sound that adds a new modern flavor to the Broken Yesterday sound. Where Brian’s playing is best described as playing “from the gut”, JP’s style has a more technical approach. He brings that edge to the songs that keep them fresh and relevant to the modern playing style. Simply put, JP’s playing is both ferocious and tasteful. It’s the unique combination of their contrasting styles that give the band its unique sound. Grounded in solid, bluesy “old-school” riffs with a shot of modern style and flash sets Broken Yesterday apart from the pack.

Wade Fryer

As most will tell you, the band is only as good as the rhythm section. The rhythm section is the backbone of any band and Broken Yesterday has arguably the best bass and drum combo in the area. Brothers Scott and Wade Fryer are both natives of Darlington, SC and are as close as brothers can be. And as usual, big brother Scott led the way toward what would become the music that would influence both of their playing styles. Earliest influences were 70’s funk, mostly Sly & the Family Stone, the Isley Brothers and Parliament. But it wasn’t until Scott discovered KISS that his direction in music began to take shape. And because younger brother Wade was “tagging along”, it was inevitable that he too would be influenced by the larger than life images that KISS produced. However, Wade was no clone. Once he got his chance to spread out and find what attracted him, it didn’t take long before Wade found his own unique blend of influences. The discovery of bass guru Billy Sheehan pushed Wade in a direction that helped him grow into a truly unique player in his own right. Proficient with holding down the groove and well versed in the pop-and-slap style that is a signature of the 70’s funk era, Wade is another piece of the Broken Yesterday puzzle that makes the band a force to be reckoned with both live and musically.

Scott Fryer

But the final piece of that puzzle is Scott. Having played with Wade for almost 20 years in such bands as Charlotte, NC staple Foul Jefe and the aforementioned 491, Scott has built the reputation with the local music scene as one of the most dynamic and solid drummers around. From rock solid grooves that keep the band in the pocket to monster drum fills that make you just smile and shake your head, Scott elevates the live experience to a level that truly makes Broken Yesterday one of the premier Christian Rock bands in the Southeast.